Northern Ireland’s period


The work dedicated to Belfast has as its protagonist the Titanic Museum, very important museum of the city, being that the famous ship was built right there, and stands out against an intense red sky.

The color refers to “The Troubles“, ie the Northern Ireland conflict, (late 60s – late 90s) whose effects have also widened in England and the Republic of Ireland, causing over 3,000 deaths.

The dancers on the wire have different meanings.

The first a general criticism aimed at our society, which wants us attached to the superfluous: the dancers indeed walk on a thread, but have wings and could fly away (as only one of them does).

The second meaning concerns the equilibrium as a metaphor of the relationship between the Catholic and Protestant community.

Belfast is a beautiful city, inhabited by beautiful and welcoming people.

The painting is now at the Belfast International House (the international language school I had the pleasure of attending, leaving my heart behind).